Russell the dog here with an amazing animal story.

This is about a dog who wanted to live. Please know a pet’s life is just as important to them as your life is to you.

Here’s what happened. 

Rudolph, an eight-month-old puppy, was given the shot to end his life because the Oklahoma shelter was overcrowded. When the Veterinarian returned to the room, Rudolph was still alive!

Luckily the doctor was kind and could see Rudolph was a miracle pup, so he didn’t try another shot. Rudolph was transferred to a no-kill shelter in Iowa where he was adopted by a veteran from Colorado.

Wag wag.

I love happy wag-able tales.

Please, always consider adopting from a shelter or rescue organization first.

We animal beings just want to live so we can love you.

Save a pet’s life by adopting today.

Happy paws to you.