Russell the dog sharing with you one of my favorite Pet Parent tales.

A woman living in Evergreen, Colorado saved her chow mix, Apollo, from a mountain lion attack by kicking the vicious cat in the head and ribs until it dropped her dog.

She thought it was safe to let her pooch out for some air on the third-floor deck of her home. But the sneaky cat climbed up a tree, then she heard squealing and a low roar to see a mountain lion with her dog’s head in its mouth! She risked her life for her dog by kicking the hungry lion until it ran off.


The veterinarian said, Apollo was a lucky dog, and his long hair helped save him.

Here’s the whole dog gone story – click here.

Even though this happened a dogs age ago, this lady will always be in my top five of Pet Parent heroes.

Wag, wag, woof, woof.

Remember you can save a pet’s life by adopting today. Happy paws to you. Russell rolling over and out.