Russell here to let Pet Parents know how to tell if your pooch is having a seizure.

Here are the de-tails:

If your dog begins to experience twitching, loss of balance, uncontrollable shaking, collapsing, foaming at the mouth, loss of consciousness, drooling, and tongue chewing, these can be symptoms of a seizure.


Before a seizure some dogs may seem confused, staring off into space or looking dazed. Following a seizure, your dog may act disoriented or wobbly, or walk in circles, bump into things or may try to hide.

There are different types of seizures, some are more severe than others. Recording the seizure with your phone can be helpful for evaluation. Sometimes head tremors are mistaken for seizures but those are usually different. Here’s more information on head tremors.

What should a Pet Parent do?

First don’t panic. Calmly take you furry friend to the pet doctor, who like a blood hound, will sniff out the problem. If it is seizures there is medication, sometimes along with a change in diet. Another option is CBD, which has also been shown to be effective with calming seizures. CBD can also be used for, anxiety, joint pain, allergies, and cancer. Woof!

If you’re going to use CBD make sure it’s organic or you could be giving your pet harmful additives and pesticides. Here is one source of organic CBD, and they even carry one especially for pets.

As a reminder, for many dogs and cats it’s a matter of life or death if not adopted. Consider adopting a fur-ever friend today by going to your nearest shelter. Or maybe encourage someone you know to rescue a pet today. People who say money can’t buy happiness have never paid an adoption fee. If you can’t adopt, perhaps you can volunteer or share your prosperity by making a donation. Tell them Russell the dog sent you. Click here to find a shelter near you.

For those of us who have Pet Parents we give thanks for the love, patience, protection and treats you so generously give us.

Happy Thanksgiving! Wag Wag

Until next time. Russell rolling over and out.

Wag ~Woof