Russell here with a question for Pet Parents. Is your dog getting enough vitamin C? Vitamin C is as essential in dogs as it is in humans and has the same important benefits. One is the possible protection it gives from Covid-19.

Here are six pawsitively great reasons to give your dog vitamin C:

  1. A great benefit from vitamin C is it helps to boost the immune system. When C is absorbed by your dog’s body it produces antibodies that help fight bacteria, toxins and viruses. Vitamin C is especially important right now for dogs and people to help build the immune system as a defense to help protect against the Covid19 virus. Vitamin C also produces Interferon which fights cancer and viruses.
  2. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant helping to keep your pooch’s coat healthy. A study from 1942 found that dogs with skin diseases often had low levels of vitamin C in their blood.
  3. If your pooch has allergies, vitamin C can act as a natural antihistamine that helps fight inflammation along with other allergic reactions. No more endless scratching.
  4. Dogs can make vitamin C in their bodies, where humans cannot. For many years it was believed dogs did not need additional vitamin C. However, any type of stress depletes C in dogs and people, leaving both with the need to supplement.
  5. Research has found vitamin C levels to be low or non-existent in dogs who have experienced physical stress. These forms of physical stress can be: hard work (dogs used for hunting, tracking, herding, or exercising to their limits), growth, vaccinations, illness, gestation, lactation and emotional stress.
  6. Many studies have concluded that dogs (and humans) who supplement with vitamin C have a greater resistance to disease and recover more quickly from sickness or injuries.

Keep your dog’s nose cold and wet, by using the right type of vitamin C, which is Calcium Ascorbate. Pet stores typically don’t carry vitamin C as a single supplement, and multi vitamins for dogs only contain a very small amount of C. As a pet parent you can give, your furry friend the same vitamin C people take. Again, the best for dogs is the Calcium Ascorbate form. A capsule can be opened, or a pill crushed and added to your fur-faced kids’ food. The dosage amount depends on the size and weight of your dog. Generally, 50 – 100 mg. for small dogs and up to 500 mg. for large dogs. Check with your pet doctor for more information.

Be ready for the dog days of summer with vitamin C for your top dog.

Kiss your pet today. Woof! Wag wag

Until next time. Russell rolling over and out.