Greetings, Russell here with a Pet Parent tip about poison water.

Naturally, a Pet Parent wouldn’t intentionally let their dog drink poison water, but us dogs will drink just about any kind of water if we’re thirsty. 

As the dog days of summer make for hot dogs, (woof) we like to jump in the water to cool off. But several dogs have died lately (yelp) from swimming or drinking water with blue green algae!

Blue green algae is a bacteria found in freshwater ponds, streams, and lakes. It is extremely toxic, and not just poisonous to dogs, but also to people, cats, horses and cattle.

Some of the symptoms of blue algae poisoning can be: Weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, shock, seizures, inability to walk, hypersalivating, excessive eye tearing, difficulty breathing, and death. Yelp! Yelp!

And it’s best to never let your fur-faced friend drink water from puddles or the gutter. This type of water can contain antifreeze, chemicals from lawns, including poisons to kill weeds and other toxic substances. As dogs, we like to drink water wherever we find it. So be a watch dog with your pooch pal or you may find out what “sick as a dog” means. And no one wants that.

Please remember, dogs should always have access to fresh water, preferably filtered water. What’s bad for you is also bad for your dog. After all, we’re mammals too. Pet Parents can buy collapsible bowls to bring along on walks, with an extra bottle of water for your top dog.

For more information, visit ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

Remember you can rescue a dog or cat today by visiting your local shelter. You can find a shelter near you here. Or you can make a donation. Tell them Russell the dog sent you.

A Pet Parent is what wags a dog’s tail. Happy licks and wags to you.